Making a Meme “The Git Up”

On May 10th, brothers Ajani Huff, 18, and Davonte House, 20, shot a 15-second dance video beside a lake near Syracuse, NY. They hatched plans to "make it trend" in pursuit of their larger goal of becoming “TikTok famous.” Ten weeks later, their dance has been recreated more than 2 million times and has positioned Blanco Brown’s “The Git Up” among the top 20 songs in the world. Below is our conversation, recorded July 11th during a roadtrip from Los Angeles to Anaheim where they were attending their first VidCon. In this interview they reveal how they decide what sounds to use on TikTok, what motivated them to start the #gitupchallenge, and how it came to be the second most successful TikTok meme of all time. I hope you find their perspective useful and can put this information to good use when designing your next TikTok campaign. - Max